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Cash Flow the book is now available

Posted By: Steve Bartoletti on 8/30/2013 11:57:58 AM, 0 Comments, 18227 views

It took a year for the editors of the Journal of Accountancy to approve my article for publication.  After silence for some months, I spoke with the editor who explained that it had cleared all of their professional readers, but she decided to run it up to yet one more level of review because of its provocative content.

No wonder.  The discovery that there is an account missing from the balance sheet has ramifications. If it is ultimately validated by the academic and professional communities, the AICPA will someday instruct CPAs to report CPFA on the balance sheet, and every accounting, finance, and banking book that discusses financial ratios will have to be revised. 

Although the Journal does not officially validate the discovery, just the fact that it cleared their conservative review was enough validation for me to push forward and complete the book.  CPFA is not the only discovery that comes from “cash cycle theory.”  One discovery led to another, and another, chapters were added and became a book.  Cash cycle theory challenges the preeminence of today’s practices. Will it stand up to professional and academic scrutiny, as did its cornerstone—CPFA?  It has been a fun journey of discovery, and I am delighted to now share the entire framework, in the book now on Amazon!  Judgment is now in your hands! 

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