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Posted By: Steve Bartoletti on 11/7/2018 2:24:06 PM, 0 Comments, 15475 views
i was delighted to receive this feedback from Dan Frieswick, a fellow credit analyst because i identify with it:  

Thank you for publishing your thoughts on capex in the recent RMA Journal. I’ve also found and enjoyed a couple of other articles you have written. 

A couple of reasons I find your articles intriguing are the nature in which they challenge me to think critically and how they confront the traditional practices in credit analysis that I’ve learned. 

I did not set out to challenge the status quo. My motivation has always been innocent: I just wanted to understand "Why?" When we understand the rationale behind what we are taught, we can then apply the knowledge to solve a variety of cases (and answer our clients when they ask "why?")   

There is another reason to ask "Why?" When the explanations do not sound quite right, we must keep digging, thinking it through ourselves--critical thinking. Sometimes we eventually understand; other times, a new light goes on. 

The MCapex article is the result of two years of email correspondence--discussion and debate--with a senior credit analyst in Poland and a retired Canadian banker/trainer. To this day, we do not completely agree, but we have learned much from each other. (i'd love to hear your thoughts too! Write to me

My thanks and respect to Dan Frieswick, a fellow critical thinker. 

'There can be no progress without change."

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